Thank You Supports

As an ADCarry main i want to thank ANYONE who mains/plays support. I've seen supports who flash into you so the cait ult will kill YOU and not them, those supports are not the ones i want to thank. I want to thank the supports who will flash INTO a cait ult to give their life to save yours. TBH if it wasn't for the good supports that i've played with, i prob wouldn't be an ADC main. And i know that 90% of ADCs are assholes , but yet you guys keep play support EVEN tho you may get yelled at. If it wasn't for you guys i would have NEVER done with with ADC and quit a LONG time ago, but supports kept carrying me in lane and say "good carry ezreal :D" and take no credit. And i liked getting fed and being carried in lane to then carry late game so i kept playing it, and know i can play ADC well "i think" and even carry my self in the lane with my support by me. If it wasn't for you guys i would have lost allot of my ranked games and still be in bronze RN O_o, but even if i'm having a bad game feeding, bad farm or hitting the wrong keys, you guys will stand up for me when my team starts yelling at me for sucking. I've had supports who will stand up to me even when their DUO is yelling at me. I just want to thank ANYONE who is willing to take the role so some one doesn't have to play it. If it weren't for you guys league wouldn't be fun as an ADC, with assassins killing me in 1 hit but you guys are there to peel and keep me safe. Thank you guys for being awesome players and carrying me in lane{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} PS: This is a repost but just can't say thank supports enough
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