Runes Reforged the evolution

Hello Riot, I understand all of you at Riot are very smart people but I wanted to inform you that you are making a mistake with Runes reforged. At first i was on-board as this is a natural transition from the current system but this transition to Runes reforged is not going far enough. In addition to that you are complicating balancing since any single change in the runes could and will positively/negatively affect multiple champions at which point you start running in circles fixing champions and/or fixing runes. I started thinking, are runes even necessary. The answer is no. They are not necessary at all and actually overly complicate EVERYTHING. Let me explain. For new players, they are going to be confused and not know what to use and or what the mean. So there will be a learning curve before you even enter the game. For existing players it is a hassle to setup the runes in the first place since they really are not needed. For balancing team it is a nightmware since tweaks or changes cause ripples across the environment. What would my solution be? Take the effects of the runes and add them to new or existing items. Items dont effect every champion since only X champion uses X item. So balancing is much easier. Additionally you can easily modify the item properties without causing huge ripples across the environment. Items are a part of the normal learning curve so new players will not be as frustrated and likewise existing players can jump into game without having to worry about run pages. Putting the rune abilities onto items is the final evolution of runes/masteries.

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