What the fuck is a Brand??

Can someone give me a rational explanation as to why brand gets to be so oppressive at all stages of the game for so seemingly free? He literally can sit in front of the wave and do my entire health bar plus a second and a half of hard cc before I can even attack the minions. What is okay about a champion that enables that kind of play? Or, rather, that disables that kind of gameplay (i.e. "League of Legends as an ADC"), and who the fuck okayed that at Riot? ~~He has inherent burn damage that procs dark harvest (which Singed DoT doesn't do and Teemo DoT doesn't do),~~ has a larger or comparable effective range than most other bot lane and support picks, and is a mage. What in the fuck is okay about that in any champion design? Someone please explain. EDIT: I have been informed that my comments about Teemo and Singed poisons procing Dark Harvest is incorrect. My statement was based on information gleaned from trying out Dark Harvest Singed several patches ago. Thanks to @Autrah Fang for correcting me about this, and for testing it out him/herself.
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