Seriously, fix this broken match-making system with something that actually makes sense.

So I queued up for a flex game solo, these were the teams... - My team: 1 last season bronze 2 last season silvers 2 last season golds - Enemy Team 3 last season golds 1 last season plat 1 last season diamond How the hell is this fair in the slightest? So my team gets stuck with a un-ranked bronze player going against a last season diamond player? and of course the bronze got demolished bad enough that it allowed the diamond player to carry the game, and of course it was in my promos. It amazes me that riot would even allow a bronze and a plat/diamond to be in the same game. If you're ranked gold 3, you should only be in games with people in higher silver up to low plat. And at the start of a new season you should get placed really close to where you were, so you don't have diamonds from a previous season in the same game as bronze players. If you were gold 1 at the end of a sesaon, I feel the lowest you should get placed is gold 5. And there should be a maximum rank gap in games to keep it fair. RITO PLZ, make League of Legends great again! Oh, and plz delete Yasuo from the game.
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