ARURF is actually boring

Just like aram, because of the "AR". I mean, who in their right mind thinks it's ok to receive some random ass champions. I just think this whole "random" part of the game should be gone. It reminds me of lootboxes, but worse. It's not even random, I get the same god damn champs everytime. There was once a time where I got 3x in a row sona because she was in the free roster. Now when I get a trash champion, I ruin it for everyone and dodge. I dodge because I do not want to sit through 10 minutes of misery when I get a trash ass champ like Sona. They make you pay to get more re-rolls. Riot, it's all about the money, isn't it? You just looooooove money so much you gotta milk it out of a cow faster than anyone can ever imagine. Should just bring back normal urf, as a test. What better way to test things off is by giving us arurf then normal urf. I don't understand how they say people tend to quit more with normal urf. I just don't get it. Everyone I've been in lobby with complains about t his too. I'm not the only one who dodges if they get a trash champ. So much potential wasted because of their "statistics". I'd also imagine, most of the players who come back and quit, don't even play the game other than urf (like me). Once urf is gone, I'm gonna be gone. This game is no longer fun without it. Nexus blitz was alright, but that forced 20min sudden death pisses me off.
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