Iceborn + Sterak's on Kindred

I am going to start with a disclaimer. I am not saying this is a 'hidden OP', or even a great combo, but I do believe that it works fairly well and I would like to hear some opinions on it. * * * {{champion:203}} **Passive** Lets be honest, a good majority of Kindred's damage comes from her passive, so as long as you are able to pick up a few stacks you will still be able to deal a decent amount of damage in the end. So my theory is, stay alive and have the utility to participate in the kills that ultimately give you stacks and you will get those much needed stacks. * * * {{item:3025}} **Iceborn Gauntlets** (2700 g) Sheen is actually a great effect on Kindred because Wolf's Frenzy causes Dance of Arrow's cooldown to be just longer than the cooldown for sheen, giving a fairly consistent amount of enhanced damage. Kindred's base AD is the second lowest in the game at level 18, so this is really not the greatest reason for why I like this item. In my experience, Kindred has some problems with mana consumption, and Iceborn gives 500 mana. These along with 20% CDR and 65 Armor make this a fairly balanced defensive and offensive item. **Edit: Oh yeah, and the slow effect will help you to stick to enemies in order to land auto attacks and passive damage.** * * * {{item:3053}} **Sterak's Gage** (2700 g) Even with the bonus 25% base AD, this doesn't make Kindred into a bruiser, but it does help. What I am really looking for with this item is the 400 HP, and the fact that it is a fairly cheap item. * * * Again, I understand that there are better combos, but I think these actually work pretty well in the sense that they give a good combination of offensive and defensive stats and are cheap enough to make an early Kindred game begin to snowball. *Strong knowledge of Kindred's mechanics, knowing when to use certain abilities, what abilities to max, and how to harass effectively will ultimately become the strongest factors in this working well.*
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