The Situation with Tanks

Ah Shit, Here we go again. Every Patch Riot gives damage to a Tank. The Buff is either small or big. 1. In Chogath's Case, He was given small buffs in multiple patches after the Pre-season and now most people can agree that he's broken but Riot will never admit to it or Fix it. The Problem is not that Cho now has good AP Ratios and can do damage with them. The Problem seems to be something rather simple: Cho gets to do a ton of damage AND gets to be Tanky as hell. It's in his Base stats. The HP Growth, Armor or MR / Level etc. Whenever you bring this up to any tank main they will say: "Oh Cho doesnt have any dashes/Mobility so it's ok". Well It's not Ok because now you cant kill Cho despite him not building any tank items and if you somehow end-up even near him he's gonna One-shot you. So No it's not ok. The only person happy is an adc who can kite well. But hey dont forget to dodge his Q or you're 100% dead. He also gets to provide Utility with it and his stupidly long Silence 2. Hey Singed is not in the meta, let's buff him. Yes He is not in the meta but anytime someone picks Singed against you, you just wanna pull your hair out and jump off a cliff. With Singed it's either he's unplayable or he's absolutely cancerous to play against. Even now once a Singed gets fed there's no stopping him. He also brings Damage AND Tankiness. Do we see a trend here? 3. Hey Nautilus isn't doing so well in botlane, I wonder why? Definitely not because Enchanter Supports are running Rampant. Let's not admit that we over-buffed them and instead just buff Nautilus more. Power Creep the game who cares. Now Nautilus Mid is also stupid. Despite having the Stats of a Tank, his one whole combo pretty much kills you. Let's also make sure you're CC'd through his whole combo so he can just do it and back off if you dont die. Let's also Put Aftershock on this guy because why not. There now you have a Tank that can 1-Shot you and you cant even move while he does it. Heck even if you could move it's not like you can damage him. is it just me or was Nautilus made to provide CC so that his team can finish the one being CC'd? Looks like Nautilus doesnt need anyone else. Who cares about being a "Tank" you now have no flaws and dont need your teammates ever. Just have a free win kind Sir. 4. Tahm is OP in Pro-play and his Devour is too great of a skill even in Solo-Que. Should we Rework him? Should we Nerf his Devour and put power into his other "supporting" Skills? Oops Looks like his Devour is the only support skill he has. Well fuck it let's just throw him in the raging fire that's killing top-lane maybe a Miracle will Happen AMIRITE? Now Mr Kench gets all his other skills buffed because Riot doesn't want to see his Devour in Pro-play. He was already decent top and now he's braindead broken. Most Champions cannot even tickle him. Looking at almost every top-lane champion that's not also braindead broken, Tahm completely shuts all of them down. You CAN NOT Trade vs Him anymore and you will only lose if you try. He's building Sunfire cape against you and is doing more damage to you than you do to him. FEELS GREAT! we could sit here all day and talk about this but it's not like Riot will actually listen. From what it seems like Riot seems to want to buff Tanks even more. If you think I'm talking trash then try fighting vs a team that has more than 2 Tanks. It looks stupidly unfair and you actually cant see any way to win the game. What do you think?
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