getting out of silver(i need some help give me what youve got !!!)

HELLO ITS YA BOI THE CARAMEL!! BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THAT LOL GAME PLAY HOWS IT GOING MY CARAMEL CREW !!ok so ive been in this trench between silver 4 and silver5 0 lp ill get all the way up to 30 lp then hit a rut again sometimes ill even drop back to bronze one and get back to silver 0 lp so I'm asking anyone and everyone gold 1 + how the hell do I get out of this toxic hole please give me what you've got!! I know the first part of the problem I'm having is consistency I'm having trouble deciding between going with the meta or sticking to what I know and my play style I love to split push but I also love assassins as well as mages and flat AD killers playing jg is fun and adc is too especially varus I love that champion but for instance for consistency sake these overall I think are my champions{{champion:110}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:121}} ( please lend me your help I'm an eager learner and I'm ready to improveeee!! u can add my ign and message me through the boards ill respond as quickly as possible and interested please leave me your ign please and thank you caramel out peace !! have a nice day.
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