Fully Tilted Rant

Let me just get this off my chest.. if you main yasuo and instalock mid every game you are literally cancer to this game. in the last 18 games i've had AT LEAST one yasuo in each game, sometimes two. Mine always feeds and theirs always carries. What the fuck riot? I'm playing support, im deliberately trying to set up my adc for kills and not dying, pushing towers but my fucking team can't resist the urge to be utterly shit at this game and of the last 8 games, all of which are losses, every single lane, and every single jungler has fed their fucking ass off. Im so sick and tired of being on the losing side with literally no one reliable to play off. Oh yeah and that guy who plays zed with 600 ping and goes 0/10. appreciate you bro! tl;dr the matchmakings fucking awful. Yasuo mains can fuck off, and the aspergic r%%%%%s in my mmr can fucking go back to their special school and make candles for the elderly and stop ruining my games
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