The Akali heal nerf might be too much The shroud nerf is perfect because it makes her less frustrating. The nerf on the q's heal isn't a good change. [Most Akali mains agree with the W change]( but most think that the Q changes aren't good. The nerf is bad because it removes a core mechanic that Akali has always had. When you think of Akali you think of invisibility, mobility, and healing. She's always been the healing assassin. The main problem people have with the healing is that it's too oppressive because she can heal back after trades. If Riot wanted to balance it better they should have nerfed the amount of healing that you get from it early game, or they should have nerfed the energy gotten from w so Akali can't just place it down to get a free after with q. If riot nerfed the early game healing then it wouldn't really affect trades and it would still give her survivability in the lategame.
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