If you can't climb out of silver/bronze, it's not your fault.

So far I have 118 games in gold this season, 59 wins, 59 loses. and have kept an average of a gold 5 mmr of around ~1500. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=revoke Some games I win, some game I lose. I also have 773 games in silver on my main account this season. 374 wins, 399 loses. The mmr is 1074 on this account. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=grab Some games I lose, other games I lose. My gold account is fresh to ranked this season, currently owning 21 champions with none really being my main except for Singed and got gold after placements. My silver account is older owning around 100 champs with ~90 of them I can play at least at a mid silver level and I think I placed bronze on this account when I started rank. So why am I able to hold my rank with my gold account and unable to climb with my silver? Simple, the RNG fest is not bad in Gold. Players' skill are more or less normalized here and there isn't a huge skill discrepancy here. With the occasional troll, the games in gold are pretty fun. Meanwhile in silver, it's a fucking nightmare. I won't be able to climb out of it unless my skill level reaches low plat or peak gold level. RNG is rampant. The games is decided by which team gets the ragers. In my past twenty games on my silver account, I had about 5-7 afks on my team alone. The skill discrepancy is huge like the difference between heavens and earth. Players there are prone to not giving a single fuck about the game and treating it as normals. I feel your pain hardstucks. You aren't alone. The team is a legitimate excuse of why you can't climb. Grinding it out does not work. If you are able to consistently do well in lane phase, but unable to close out the game because of the team, it may be best to abandon your account and roll a fresh one. Yes there are delusional people who will try to place the blame on you and tell you to get good. Don't listen to them. While your skills aren't LCS level, they are definitely above the tier you are in. They aren't able to provide you with hard facts, only fallacies. I have shown you with an acceptable sample size where a player can plateau at two different ranks being a whooping 500 MMR apart. Checkmate Git Gud thumpers.
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