Frustration Climbimg Out of Gold

Before I say anything else, let me just say I understand that I need to get better, there are always things I could have done better to have a better chance of winning but at the same time... It's insanely frustrating how hard I can win my lane, but still not win the game thanks to the extremely poor performance of my teammates. Lack of purchasing vision wards, insistence by teammates that they can still all-in and maybe win lane after they are already 0-3, pushing to enemy tier 2 towers when the rest of the team is resetting, getting picked, and losing major objectives as a result, and the snowball nature of the game are all combining to make me feel extremely discouraged atm. In my last 4 ranked games, my scorelines on Zoe mid are: 23/4/10 12/6/10 7/7/15 10/4/7 and yet _every one of these games is a loss_. It feels like I have to play like a Challenger player just to carry the absolute garbage teams that I get, and that even if I play on a Diamond level, I'll never actually get to Diamond. AGAIN, I understand that I need to improve, its just frustrating that it feels like I have to play 2 levels above my rank just to rank up a single level.
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