Why We Have to Cut Riot Some Slack

As much as an unpopular opinion this is, I think we need to, as a community, take a few steps back from this game as a whole. We have to step back, and actually look at the game for what it is. All these boards are are 98% people bitching and moaning about every little thing Riot thinks of. The other 2%, is the recruitment and Story boards. You always see people say, "Riot doesnt even look at these boards", well i wonder why. We are bullies. It's like asking why a teenager doesn't look at a fake instagram account made to make fun of them. You don't wanna be around that toxicity. This isn't to say that Riot always handles things correctly, or that they always keep the game fun or tolerable. Sometimes they really screw up, (looking at you clash), and sometimes they don't, (Looking at you recent Karthus nerf). But what can happen when all people do is complain? Every wants the game to constantly fit around them, nerf Yasuo, Zed, Zoe, Riven, Jax, Aatrox, Urgot, Vladimir, Liss, and the list goes on. Buff "Insert champion somebody played for a single game, and played them poorly but decides the champion is the problem" Riot is trying, and has been trying for years, to keep its playerbase playing the game. Not one of us here can imagine the effort that goes into trying to keep every aspect of this game in check. As a community, we need to give Riot a chance. This season is a big step of progress, and they need to change things and make mistakes so that in the end, the game turns out better for us. I have 2 perma-banned accounts, lost over $1200. I still frequent the game and the boards, because this game has potential, and is starting to live up to it, we just have to let Riot work and to stop crying about everything. "It is fairly hard to concentrate when youre stuck in a room with a bunch of crying toddlers"
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