I feel like Boards is very supportive of "new playstyles"....until one actually appears.

Viktor is a great example because this happened twice now. Early on in the season, Viktor started taking Fleet Footwork. It let him do some cool trading patterns and survive lane, enabling him to exist when he wasn't in the best state. Sounds cool right? VIktor taking a keystone that isn't obvious and finding success....nope. According to a forum post, this was to show "how dire the state of Viktor was" that he had to take fleet footwork to survive. We're now seeing it again with Klepto viktor. A response to Urgot/Aatrox/etc. and other slow moving but strong champions where Viktor can poke and harass. A meta adaption to a common strategy? Countering the current "OP" picks with an unexpected and unique playstyle? Boards should be **LOVING** this! _Nope_. This is a "cancer playstyle" that "isn't fun to play against" and should be reworked or removed. Every time I see something weird or unique come out, it's not a cool adaption to the state of the game. It's not an evolution to playing a champion and a viable alternative. It's written off as "unfun", "not how the champ should be played" or "garbage". Taliyah becoming a jungler isn't a weird a cool new evolution of the character, it's Riot killing Taliyah and the only way she can survive is in the jungle? Even if she's still got some power in the midlane? (According to OP.gg, she's sitting at a 51% winrate and a 14% pick rate. Really killed her midlane, eh?) For a community that looks back on the glory days of going AP Tristana, On-hit GP and more, you guys sure are quick to demand Riot remove a new playstyle whenever it appears. Who deems what is "a viable playstyle" and what is "a bulshit adaption"? Why is it that a champion going a rune-or-mastery path they don't usually go become a sign of how far that champ has fallen? Why can't we accept that maybe this champ finding success with this set-up _isn't_ a sign of the champ being in dire straits but a sign that the champ can find success with a new way of thinking? EDIT: To add an important comment from below that I made. >Again: The problem isn't "I think Viktor should get some nerfs", the problem is that apparently people would rather see a new and emerging build completely and utterly removed rather than balanced to accommodate a new playstyle. People don't want Viktor top to be a thing you can pocket pick, they want it removed because Viktor should ONLY BE AN AP MIDLANER AND ANYTHING ELSE IS AGAINST THE GOSPEL. Still, Viktor is but one example.
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