How can we nerf Dark harvest?

I have to ideas how. Make the duration of when you reach 150 stacks reduced to 3 minutes instead of 5. So that you have a less window of time to proc it when you get it before had in team fights and kill a champion/minion in the process Or A slightly better idea of making the required amount to 200 stacks _or more if you want it to be harder to earn_ Mainly saying that because gaining the stacks is relatively easy in lane because each cannon minion are going to drop 4 stacks worth of passive and it adds up to 8 stacks because it includes both ally and Enemy Cannon. Last but not least, dont let it drop when an ally champion/minion drop a soul for the sake of rightfully earning a stack while making it harder to meet the required 150 stacks to make it last 5 minutes instead of lasting 20 seconds. And it really bad to reward the player with their teammates death with a stack. It's not really healthy for the ones trying to deny a stack for the long term of the match. I try to keep it as calmly and reasonable as possible for the sake of the rune and those that use it. Just my thoughts really.

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