If I were God Emperor of Riot and could do whatever I wanted for season 10..

(tl;dr warning - this is probably going to be long and rambling) Here's what I'd do. How does this game sound? ---- # Balance and design philosophy (Focus: viability) - No more pushing a meta. Certain meta-enforcement design decisions, like locking jungle items behind Smite, would be reverted immediately. There are no other immediate changes to champions, runes, etc, but going forward, the focus for live design is "viability". I would not make any change that intentionally makes a certain champion or playstyle nonviable without giving the players a wide berth, and sufficient time to adapt and find a response. In other words, if a cheese comp can be effectively countered by another cheese comp, I leave it alone. - I would only directly act in this way if the playstyle is inherently toxic to the design of the game and objectively has **no** ingame counter (example: the spellthiefs bounty strat), and even then act as surgically as necessary to avoid affecting *anything* other than the direct abuse (i.e. I wouldn't disallow supports to proc spellthiefs by themselves, since I'm then hurting supports to fix a problem that's not even in their lane). - I would be open to player-developed changes that upend the 1 top, 1jg, 1 mid, 2 bot meta. - I would prefer buffing over nerfing wherever possible. Getting nerfed feels terrible, and it's worse if you're a onetrick. - If I have to nerf a champion, i'd look back a number of patch notes to ensure that I haven't also recently nerfed an item or rune in their core build path, thereby unintentionally amplifying the effect of the nerf. - I'd be open to average game length going above 30 minutes, based on a wide and *universal* poll of players. (I have the power to pop up surveys in the client, after all.) # Player behavior (Focus: honor) - Information Riot has access to is now used in an attempt to keep permabanned players from returning. In other words, I now ban people rather than accounts. Example: The client can access a great deal of information from the local system legitimately, and in a way that [probably is GDPR-compliant](https://law.stackexchange.com/questions/28600/gdpr-detecting-duplicate-accounts-in-online-services-with-customer-data). With this information given a large enough intersection, I can determine if two accounts are controlled by the same person. We'll call this "player metadata". This isn't just an IP ban either. Legitimate cases where multiple banned players might share a computer can be cleared with documentation (say, business documentation if you run a LAN cafe). - "Toxicity" is redefined to mean only extreme conduct. Think violence-promoting, sexual, etc. The system that auto bans certain terms like "kys" and racial slurs remains untouched. In any case, mere passive aggression or banter is no longer sufficient reason to get drummed out of the game. Players can still report unpleasant players, and that information is surfaced somewhere, but there will be no penalties for it. - If it's part of a champions kit or voice lines, repeating it in chat is not bannable. - The same applies to ingame information. Someone quoting "0/10" at you because you've died 10 times is not bannable. - Terms that can't be said ingame can't be used in account names (this may or may not have been fixed already). - A first offense for toxicity is always a no-punishment warning. The second offense is a 2 week ban. The third offense is an *indefinite* (not permanent) ban. The indefinite ban can be lifted after writing in to player support with evidence of contrition and acknowledgement and understanding of what you did wrong. If it happens again afterwards, *then* it's a **permanent** ban. Further, evasion of the 2 week ban by using a smurf is grounds for losing both accounts. - The postgame honor system goes away. Most of the time, ingame honor is given for performance, not "humility in victory or grace in defeat" as the summoner's code puts it. Its item drops are moved over to the level up capsules. - This is replaced with a thumbs up/thumbs down system that calculates a rating - and yes, you can rate opponents. Think an eBay-like feedback history. - Punishment history is now public information, with information falling off after a certain amount of time. This takes the place of the existing on-profile honor system, whose meaning now basically becomes "time since last punishment or flag". Honor now scales indefinitely, kind of like XP level, and is a function of games played vs time since last punishment. There are no rewards tied to this system other than a publicly-viewable honor level. Good behavior is its own reward. - An offense for intentional feeding is on a two strike system. The first time it's a two week ban, the second time it's permanent. Inting should be treated as cancer and handled just as seriously, as it destroys game integrity. Certain behaviors, like dumping your inventory, running it down mid, and so forth, are 100% diagnostic for intentional feeding and do not require developing a pattern of behavior over time. In general, intentional feeding detection will be more aggressive and faster. - *Every* report would generate a result that could be looked up. Not necessarily a popup message, but, say, a report history with a result as to whether that report was deemed valid or not, and the exact punishment that was handed out. No need to surface player names here, but answering the "Did that fucking guy who ran it down mid a couple days ago get what was coming to him?" question in the affirmative is extremely satisfying and provides closure, a sense of justice, and conveys a belief that we care deeply about sportsmanship. - [Institute an "overwatch"-type system like the one that CSGO has.](https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/overwatch/) Imagine old Tribunal, but with a selection of *recent* cases. The goal is not to review every report, but the goal is to deliver results on a case within 3 days or less. This is to ensure that what's getting punished is actually in line with what the community thinks should be punished. This would also allow for anomalous behavior like scripting to be caught, since a number of current scripting packages are undetectable and have been for months now. Players that can participate in overwatch are chosen based on skill (MMR), behavior history, and length of time playing. There would be no reward for this - CSGO shows us that it's not necessary. - Bots are banned rapidly, not after they've had enough games to get from level 1 to 30. Alternatively, bot accounts are flagged and are only allowed to play with other bots. - Using the information we now have, smurf accounts are flagged and spend, ideally, zero games playing against newbies and all of their time playing against other smurfs. - Reports can be made from the client within 24 hours of the game ending, not just from the postgame screen. # Ranked (Focus: integrity) - Generally speaking, the philosophy for ranked becomes "This is where you go to get serious". - Ranked MMR would carry over, loosely, to other queues. If you have Diamond-tier skill in ranked, you do not suddenly start playing at Silver-tier skill just because you clicked "normal draft". It is not fair for those lower-skilled players for you to be anywhere near those games, and it's more tilting for them than it is fun for you. - You can now view your own MMR. Maybe not directly on the client, maybe not in an automated fashion, but in a way that you can click through and it shows you your *current* skill level *immediately and accurately*. If MMR is good enough for matchmaking, it's good enough to reveal. - Introduce a "prime matchmaking" queue. This is the opposite of DOTA-esque LPQ. You are granted Prime status by going a certain amount of time with no behavioral penalties and verification of some real life information like a phone number, and paying of a token fee. Prime queues are basically ranked, but with extremely high standards for professionalism, behavior, and competitive integrity. This queue would use normal solo/duo MMR and not be a separate ladder. In return for that fee and agreeing to the stricter rules, you get the following benefits in the new queue: - You'd always get your chosen role - By extension, you would never have autofilled teammates. - You could opt-in to getting a secondary role if it meant you'd get better queue times. - Your party would be able to join voice chat even if not a premade - If you AFK in a prime game, and your team loses, you eat the entire LP loss that the rest of your team would have lost instead. - Once a player has AFKed and not returned, all players are free to exit the (now unfair) game with no repercussions. - Abuse of this system, bullying a player into leaving, etc, is grounds for permanent dismissal from prime matchmaking with no refund. - Behavioral penalties are amplified in this queue. So much as one valid report for toxicity or intentional feeding is grounds for getting kicked out. - Solo queue becomes actual solo queue. The fact that paid (not against any rules either, AFAIK, since no accounts change hands) duo boosting services exist prove the existence of a rank inflation issue. SoloQ is for 1 player only, flex is for 2 or more in a premade. - I think promo games and demotion protection should both go away as a concept, but I'd run a poll on this before making the change. If we keep promo games, they are treated as Serious Fucking Business. Trolling in someone's promos, when they're vulnerable, is worth getting hit harder than trolling at all other times. - The punishment for boosting or sandbagging is loss of ranked privileges for the season, with a big fat "disqualified" banner in place of your ranked shield. # Client (Focus: efficiency) - At least one full season of "fix old, no new" in the client, raising it to the functional expectations of a polished AAA game in 2019. The client would be as light and streamlined as possible, with the understanding that the client's job is, in order of priority, getting people into a game, selling them stuff, and communicating. If that means sacrificing some bells and whistles or flashy chrome, so be it. - If someone is muted ingame, that mute carries over to postgame. - To help keep queue times under control, I wouldn't tear down an entire lobby if someone dodges. Players could opt-in to "join a lobby in progress". In other words, say 3 people have picked, and the 4th guy exits for whatever reason. All timers pause, and then a player with this option checked could then slot directly into the vacant spot, providing that their MMR etc. allows them to be matched with those players. Champ select then continues as usual, with the slotted-in player getting a full timer for their pick/ban as if they were there the entire time. - A report button for champ select misbehavior will be added. It is unreasonable to expect someone to play through a possibly blown game just to ensure that someone can be flagged for their behavior in pregame. - A dodge button will be added. There's no reason to make someone log in again because they want to dodge a lobby. # ARAM (Focus: all random) - All random means both "all" and "random" are treated equally. Any champion may appear in ARAM regardless of what you have unlocked. - We still have to make money (this is still a business at the end of the day), and a lot of people out there play ARAM only. To compensate: - You do not gain mastery, XP progress, or item drops when playing on a locked champion. You get to play the champion, that's it. - You may not use skins when playing on a locked champion, with the exception of the battle boost giving everyone a random skin as usual. Price goes up to 100RP. - Weighting goes away; (I.e. {{champion:266}} is just as likely to appear as {{champion:143}}: 1 in 144) - The matchmaker will attempt to create balanced team compositions (i.e. not placing a team full of poke against a team full of bruisers, etc). - With teams now balanced, the ARAM-only per-champion percentage changes go away, turning ARAM into the teamfight simulator it's supposed to be. This includes reverting the nerfing of healing abilities - they get to be just as effective as they are on Summoner's Rift. If this causes game duration to creep unacceptably high, other levers will be used. Ideas: - Minions receive an automatic baron buff after a certain amount of time has passed - Inhibitors automatically pop after a certain amount of time has passed - All minions are super minions after a certain amount of time has passed # Other stuff (Focus: the kitchen sink) - in no particular order - I'd either fix or decommission the built-in match history website. Its current state is embarrassing. If we decom it, make a deal with OPGG to make the "view on the web" button in postgame link there. - Ditto twisted treeline - Players could opt-in to having their entire match histories public, rather than just ranked. - Low priority, but I'd work on improving the bot AI, or I'd at least let players pick doom bots in custom games. Even better would be allowing people to script their own bots (kinda like how DOTA does it). - Speaking of which, players could create bot accounts (and flag them as bot accounts, meaning they only ever play other bot accounts) and use any sort of automation they see fit to drive them. Provide official Lua hooks into the ingame client for these accounts to use (obvious disabled on human accounts). Create a tournament for bots (kinda like the one that exists for Starcraft). Create a separate queue where humans can play against these external bots to test their might once it takes off. - Game surrenders now take a simple majority (from a supermajority). Early surrenders now take a supermajority (rather than unanimity). - **ALL** RP costs and purchases become factors of 100.
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