Ok Riot, what is up with your matchmaking system?

I don't understand how someone can be in diamond 4, playing with/against diamond players, yet still somehow get players from gold or low plat on their teams. Unless the gold/plat player has an incredible overall wr of 70% or higher, then there should should be no reason they're playing with Diamonds. Today alone just from the past 6 games, I have had over 12 dodges. Someone dodged the lobby 4 times in a row even because theyre calling this out how "There is an unranked on our team who hasnt played in 2 months, is plat, but somehow on our team.", that being the most common one. This is from the last game lobby which once again, someone dodged, and I dont blame them: https://imgur.com/Sq4CcZX Notice the player is Plat 4, and there is also a Plat 3. The plat 3 isnt too big of an issue, but why the hell is there a 23% overall winrate plat 4 playing in diamond elo games? Seriously, what is the logic behind this? Because back then when matchmaking wasn't as much of a disaster as it is today, when someone was playing below their current rank skill, then they'd play with lower elo players. Thus, this plat 4 should be playing in low gold elo games due to his account. Here's a little closer look at his account as well: https://imgur.com/crrimHz The best part about this, is that it doesn't even show a history of previous seasons. So how on earth did he manage to be placed in plat 4, let alone play with diamond tier players? Fix this monstrosity of matchmaking already, I thought someone said Riot was looking into it a while ago.
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