About Jinx support

I have been playing {{champion:222}} support my match history and item build is correct(always A+ or S-) but i would like some opinions about my item build starting with {{item:3301}} +{{item:2003}} and poke enemies with lazer or chompers({{item:3312}} also viable but you need to be sure to always aim and hit with the lazord or the chompers for the gold income) {{item:3050}} i rush it always {{item:3146}} as 2nd item {{item:3025}} 3rd cause i have some mana problems but i can hold a little {{item:3118}} or {{item:3075}} depends if the enemy team has too much ad if not {{item:3022}} +{{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} id like to add a {{item:2065}} +{{item:3285}} somewhere too **runes i use** Kleptomancy,Magical Footwear,Biscuit Delivery,Cosmic Insight,Font of life,Reviltalize/Overgrowth,Offense,Flex,Defence
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