Riot Games really don't care anymore

You must have read a lot of posts on the Boards and Reddit about how Jhin is an obnoxious champion nowadays because of the ridiculous movement speed he gets per auto attack coupled with other stuff like Stormrazor, Hail of Blades etc. Right, so he is a major problem because we all thought Jhin was an immobile ADC, but he runs like an F1 car every auto attack. There is a post on the boards right now on the front page as we speak and the title is called "Why the fuck is Jhin out running Hecarim right now?". There is a Rioter Comment on this post. Read it by clicking on the link then come back here. This is exactly the words of somebody that is part of the champion design/balancing team department of Riot Games. This shows that they don't even care any more about balancing the game. But what would you expect from a balance team that randomly decides to buff Irelia even though she is a broken tier champion in competitve. People have been complaining about Jhin and Stormrazor + Hail of Blades for quite a while but then these people, that we give our money to, to make the game better is just taking a joke on a serious balancing issue. Actual pathetic people that have taken over this game and ruined it day by day.
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