Taliyah just got hit with the dirtiest nerfs.

riot... riot why. Shes not viable anymore. I'm not even talking about in the jungle. Shes BAD. Remember when no one played her until jungle Tal became a thing? Shes worse than that version of Tal. Shes gonna be the one of lowest tier jg or mid laner for sure now. Wont be seen anywhere. Her clear??? HA don't even call it a clear. She takes a year to do any camp now. She cant gank cuz her q's are so weak even at max rank. Just played a game where i started off 4/0 even though struggling through my clears. (happened to be in the right places) but did it matter? NOPE i was getting out farmed by a Amummu. I couldnt keep up. Nothing i could do to even keep up being that far ahead. THERE ARE CHAMPIONS LIKE IRELIA AND AKALI. HELL EVEN KAYN. But TAL needs the nerfs? i can understand them i get shes great in higher elo. BUT THIS HARD? A joke riot. A JOKE.
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