Nexus Blitz: Event Feedback

#**BARDLE ROYALE** **Gameplay Satisfaction:** One of the simplest and easiest to understand, and definitely fun. It's cool to see how teamfights have to adjust to compensate for the shrinking circle. Takes expected *League* gameplay and adds a fun new effect onto it, so it lands really well. One recommendation would be to consider giving health or cooldown restoration when it begins, because this mode just isn't as fun when one team starts at a severe disadvantage and it's simply over immediately. **Clarity:** Good. The effect of standing outside the circle could possibly be better communicated early on. ------------------------- #**KING OF THE HILL** **Gameplay Satisfaction:** Like **Bardle Royale**, this one is easy to understand and fits into the sort of gameplay you'd expect from a frantic, team-fight based game mode. Again, a great twist on expected *League* gameplay. **Clarity:** Excellent. Almost every gamer knows how to play **King of the Hill**. ------------------------- #**SNOWBALL FIGHT** **Gameplay Satisfaction:** In my experience this mode isn't that thrilling. The lack of ability to dash to your targets means that both teams tend to just play passively for a while lobbing snowballs, and the fact that it's a straight line makes being exposed dangerous. I wonder if adding the dash mechanic so you can engage if you wanted to or making snowballs a Xerath-style lob rather than a line shot would make this game a bit more engaging and encourage people to take more risks. **Clarity:** Average. The snowball visuals and impact-on-champion visuals could be boosted, and the progress bar at the top should more clearly indicate the number of snowballs needed, rather than a filling bar with no indication of the precise number of hits you have to spare. ------------------------ #**LOOT TEEMO** **Gameplay Satisfaction:** Low. The fact that if often wanders to one side of the jungle or the other gives one team a severe advantage, and it's not fun to have one event where you can randomly lose at the last moment because someone didn't smite properly. I think satisfaction on this one would increase heavily if it were a little easier to actually make sure your contribution to the buff matters, or if there were gold events (for participation) and buff events (for victory) and this was merely the former. Currently this one feels the most random, and not in a good way. **Clarity:** Poor. The bar at the top represents your successful progress towards winning every other event, but here it only shows who got the most gold, and in no way relates to the progress of the event. --------------------------- #**PUSH THE CART** I haven't encountered this one yet, so I can't comment.
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