If you cant abuse Fioras infinite mobility,free hourglass,free crit-aa reset and her % true damage..

Then you shouldnt be playing the game...because she does not have a high win rate that does not mean she is bad...have you actually spent like 3 hours of your life mastering her ? (because she is so braindead that this is how much you actually need to learn her) Who counters her? teemo,gnar and jayce? well guess what,they counter most other top laners!! she cant use her Q to dodge Darius Q? She cant use her W to block Garens Q ? She cant dodge any skill shot thrown at her with her Q or W? please....... Same shit with Yi,people pick him thinking theyll do good,then they go in on people with 1 jungle item and get fucked,and repeat this,well of course he wont have a fucking high win rate since those players probably will just give up on the champion because they dont wanna spend like 5 hours of their (miserable,sorry if you consider maining yi you most probably are not a happy soul) lifes... They nerf Yorick because he has 56% win rate up until silver,its silver's problem,stop going in on him when he has bought sheen,you cant go in and keep fighting him,of course he is going to fuck you up retard,you go in you go out,cant do that? wait for ganks and try farming. Jesus we are nerfing champions because bad players cant play against them..come on..
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