I think assassins would be healthier if Riot just went back to the philosophy they had 1-2 years ago

When Riot did the assassin rework alll that time ago, they had a pretty well-founded philosophy that I think is a good one. ##Assasins should have *delayed* burst I think that a good example of this is what they did with {{champion:7}} (that they for some reason reverted). She hits an enemy with an ability, she has to wait like a second before she can efficiently burst them. Also {{champion:55}} , she has to throw out her Q then E onto it before she can burst someone. As an assassin player, I think this is a good design because if you need 1-2 seconds of lil preparations to burst someone, then the squishy will be able to use their defensive spells like shields, mobility, heals, CC, etc. For example, say you're playing Syndra and Katarina throws her dagger at you. While it's in the air you can think "Oh, now I can Q > E when she blinks and attempt to either kill her or get out!". Some assassins just don't have this anymore like {{champion:7}} who I mentioned, or {{champion:107}}. {{champion:84}} *kinda* has this but I think they should increase her shroud duration and decrease her passive damage, just to make it a lil more delayed. {{champion:91}} Adding the delay on his rake and making a lot of his damage a bleed was a good way to go. ##But now for the items I think we all can agree that {{item:3147}} is a pretty unhealthy item. I love using it, but it's not good for the game, so I think we should adopt the 'delayed burst' rule on this item as well. In my opinion, *Duskblade's damage should come 1 or 1.5 seconds after using your first auto attack*. This would do what I said earlier, allow mages and whatnot to use their defensive spells accordingly, giving them time to react. I think that assassin itemization should be looked at overall. I'm pretty sure I saw Riot say that they're going to look into making AD and AP assassin itemization improvements, and I hope that is something they're working on. That's just my 2 cents tho idk maybe I'm dumb
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