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I've come to that point where i don't even care anymore about this game. Tryharding is worthless since hehe0/8botlane.png, inting is not punishable, have more chances to win with a troll pick than with a normal pick. Example, 20/5 zed mid, lost a game cause 3/22bot.jpg 3/9 worthless lee sin pick where I don't do anything - you win congrats promotedaswellyouaregreat.exe Example #2 16/6 ekko mid most damage everything lit, luxsupport2/13.mwf do_while swaintop2/10.whatthetfuck 3/7 Vladimir wingame.dll youaregreat here a challenger rank If u wanna win just play full ad fiddle and attack speed veigar at this point who cares
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