What if Udyr had an actual ultimate?

Ok so call me crazy, but I just want to gauge the opinion on the boards here. I don't really use twitter or reddit and only browse them occasionally, so posting this here. On Udyr {{champion:77}} very few people use Phoenix stance. Tiger is the go to stance to use and there's not much purpose to maxing Phoenix unless you want to do a split push build or are counter picked (such as using the magic damage against a Rammus etc). However, if Sylas uses R on Udyr it takes his Phoenix stance and adds that damage to his autos. Why not make Phoenix an actual ultimate like that? Similar to current Volibears ultimate. Of course, depending on how weak or strong that lands up being extra components could be added to it such as move speed, or reduced healing on enemies when on fire, or a revive (being a Phoenix stance). If it lands up being too strong it's easy just to dial back the amount of damage or the CD. At least this way he wouldn't have a stance he never uses. What do you think, Y/N?
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