Zyra feels strong but less skillful to play now

There hasn't been much talk about Zyra lately, how does everyone feel about her? I've been playing her since release - started mid, moved to support when she got nerfed. Nowadays I play her mostly in mid lane, and it's definitely strong, but feels really boring to me. I just wait for my passive to spawn seeds and throw a Q nearby for effortless harass (I don't even have to hit the enemy champion if I don't want to). The plant AI is so good that they stick to attacking champions pretty reliably. [_This is also a buff to support Zyra because your plants aren't spending 80% of their time hitting minions anymore._] I no longer have to aim my combos or try to directly hit a QW to get my plants to focus my target. I just continually whittle down people with the free seeds (occasionally supplemented by W) until they have to leave lane or I decide to full combo them as a finisher. Overall, she feels on the strong side. Playing against her, I have a hard time getting through the plants to even scratch her. When ganked, her plants persist long enough to kill her attackers even after she dies. She puts so much effortless pressure in lane (and teamfights) and her mana costs are so low that she doesn't need a mana item to put out consistent damage. I got a Riot survey after playing a Zyra game asking something like whether her rework feels like it fits her plant theme. Yeah, it does, but I'm not enjoying playing her as much as before. Edit: Downvote fairies, please leave a response - I'm interested in a discussion. Edit2: Wow, this thread blew up. Thanks guys - you gave me a lot to think about!
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