Morgana's Q Hitbox is still broken: Unacceptable.

Morgana received a full visual update two patches ago. That means her entire character model was redone. All of her spells received new particle effects. So can anyone explain to me why Morgana's Q hitbox is functionally nearly twice the size of the visual model of her skillshot? There is absolutely no reason why Dark Binding should not have a visual indicator that represents the actual impact zone. Nearly every single game that contains a Morgana, whether it is me playing her or someone else, I'm noticing that people are being rooted that were nearly a full minions breadth away from were the effect of the skillshot was. I'm not lagging, I cruise at a solid 20ms ping and upwards of 60fps during most games. The skillshot is still broken. In fact, anecdotally, it seems to have gotten worse. There is no excuse for this. She was just updated. Every skin, effect, voice line, all completely different. This should have been an easy on-the-way fix.
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