"We fixed Nasus taunt spam because it was obnoxious"

{{champion:157}} HASAGI watashi wa weebo-samurai HASAGI that can go 0/7/0 in lane for the first 20 mins in the **HASAGI** game and not even get **HASAGI** proper CS, but if you stall the game HASAGI long enough HASAGI for me to get my HASAGI {{champion:157}} second item **HASAGI** power spike" which is HASAGI amplified 2x HASAGI because of my free HASAGI stats passive... I can HASAGI everyone. {{champion:157}} HASAGI Did I mention I'm HASAGI manaless , have low cooldowns, HASAGI high mobility and HASAGI my ultimate {{champion:157}} is HASAGI easily triggered **HASAGI** with more HASAGI free stats? HASAGI. {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} HASAGI every HASAGI 3 HASAGI seconds HASAGI. **TON! ** Also HASAGI my Q's cooldown HASAGI is so low HASAGI all you'll be hearing is HASAGI {{champion:157}} **HASAGI HASAGI HASAGI HASAGI** {{champion:157}} HASAGI {{champion:157}} HASAGI HASAGI Please give me the option to mute champions non-taunt voicelines if you're gonna keep making manaless champions with low cooldowns that don't shut the %#%@& up. Aseryooooo!! Another one I forgot about that the commenters reminded me of is when he uses sweeping blade: SWOOSH SWOOSH SWOOSH SWOOSH SWOOSH Sorye!!!
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