I get so frustrated fighting Nami or Soraka in lane. Im really sick of overly powerful heals

i Feel like theres absolutely no point. You just have to wait for a gank to make it a 3v2. Disregarding blitzcrank, it feels as if my support gets punished for landing something on the adc or support if the enemy support is nami or soraka. I feel like its extremely unfair that warlords bloodlust was nerfed because you had no risk in lane with infinite sustain. Yet soraka and Nami continue to plague bot lane with these overly bearing heals. For example. I just had a varus game where i went 2-0 in the first 5 minutes because of a nice level 2 gank. Everyone backed after a few minutes and i came back with some nice items about 50 AD over ashe. I landed EXACTLY 6 Qs in about a minute and a half maybe less then that. I record my videos so i was able to check My qs were doing about 250 What happens? Nami heals for so damn much that ashe was full health within seconds. I figured nami would run out of mana? But No. She was around 60% throughout the whole laning phase. Ashe was eating so much poke that it felt like i was fighting a legit bronze 5 adc that had no ADC experience whatsoever because how much poke she was taking. But nami is just sitting there healing everything. Not a single problem. At one point i saw her heal do about 250? which was fucking crazy because it was still in laning phase. I dont know man. but i feel like nami and soraka completely void any poke champ or any champ that actually lands a skillshot just is losing mana in the long run.
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