I can't think of a single champion that wants Omnistone

"Here are some random Keystones lmao have fun" What champion in this game actually wants Electrolute / Phase Rush / Afterschock at the same time? Every champ has an ideal Keystone, if that Keystone is Afterschock you just pick Afterschock. Even champions that have NO keystones to use just go for a general Keystone like Electrolute or Unsealed Spellbook. Even if you WANT to have 2 keystone at the same time you sure as hell don't want the other 10 too. There isn't a single champ that wants this, not a single one. Around 150 champions in the game and the rune is designed for 0 of them. I wouldn't even give a damn about this Keystone if it didn't remove an actual Keystone people use, just put this as the 4th Keystone in inspiration as a "for fun Keystone" because that's what it is. Think about it, you leave Ezreal in the dirt, you remove a GP / Lucian / Sona / Draven / Fiora / Illaoi / Udyr / Nasus playstyle and for WHAT?! For this piece of garbage nobody would want to use.
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