Why does Pyke need three forms of CC as a highly mobile assassin with a resetting true damage ult?

Like It's a meme that he has a blitzcrank pull (that oh btw, can be repositioned mid cast or used early as a higher dmg slow) on top of an AOE stun that is also an escape spell dash, on top of invisibilty which helps him get away, on top of a resetting ult that's also a dash. Oh he also has better grey health than Tahm. He can't build hp because of all his safety so that's good, but hey, that wouldn't be fair so let's give him a metric fuckton of damage for the hp he builds! It's a meme how overpowered, anti-fun, and quite frankly utter bullshit this champion is. Zero windows for punishment where as if you make ONE wrong move, bend over and get ready for it because he's gonna give it to you.
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