Fed up of lies what am i doing wrong?!

I just played a game of twitch an went 4/15 jg ( silver 3 ) VERY mad at myself right now for doing what I did and how bad I did . I need tips from high elo. I do it all every game . Ward, watch ur map, cs good main. Why am I so bad at League? Is the game not for me ? what is the problem ? Ive looked up numerous educational league videos , had proguides and barely helped. I do all that I'm told, I want to climb and get good. I play for 12 hrs a day from the minute I wake up just like LCK player this is how they get good but I cant get good ? Playing for 2 years and silver 3 is my results . Il put enemy jg behind do all this stuff and somehow I'm still useless for my team . I'm considering quitting league and not playing cause I'm horrible . I've come to this realization for a few days now and I'm just god AWFUL. Maybe it was just a bad game but games like these really get me mad and want me to improve but I can never improve! Some one be a here and help me with an in depth way to help me . My clears , mechanics, game knowledge of champions are all decent but I'm a hard struck silver player . I don't want to be trash . Be my hero and help me. After reading this ur probably {{summoner:3}}

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