Most of you will disagree when I want a slight buff to Teemo, but hear me out. Rengar, an assassin, has an ability to remove CC and do AoE damage. Fizz, an assassin, has an ability to block all damage(Except for DoT damage) and dodge all skill shots with AoE damage and mobility. Assassins should be able to be killed by locking them down. If these are exceptions I want a tiny buff to Teemo's W. My idea: Move Quick Passive: (No change) Active: Teemo sprints, gaining twice his normal bonus for 3 seconds. This bonus is not lost when struck. Teemo also removes all slowing effects (or CC(I ain't decided yet)). Cooldown: 17 secs up to 24 secs Cost: 40 mana up to 60 mana
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