[MEGATHREAD] Let's Discuss: Caitlyn

Hi everyone! Welcome to Let’s Discuss, a community-let project where we get to focus discussion around a selected topic, and give concentrated, high-quality feedback to Riot. For the second installment, let’s discuss **Caitlyn**: a champion historically known for being a bit of a bully, she's become a persistent hot-button talking point on Gameplay ever since her rework in Preseason 6. She's been known to cause a lot of frustration at all of her win rates since then, and the sheer volume of posts related to her throughout that whole time has pushed us to make this megathread. In here, we invite you to provide targeted, well-reasoned feedback that could help put her in a better place, and discuss ideas with fellow players here. Before you post, here are some core rules: * **Constructive discussion above all:** This is the golden rule. We all have different opinions, and some of these opinions are almost certainly going to clash with each other. This is not an excuse to disrespect each other or derail conversation into personal arguments. If you are going to post here, it is going to be with the intent of contributing to the topic of discussion, and by extension the game as a whole. We Wardens will be monitoring this thread very closely, and enforcing this rule much more strictly than average, to make sure this happens. * **Stay concise:** because there’s going to be a lot of discussion, and because others are going to be reading through this, it is important to keep things as brief as possible. This is not the place to post your full 3-page rework concept, even if a link to it or a few key suggestions will help. Be sure to read through the major conversations here, as well as the summary below, to check if something you want to share has been said before. Focus discussion about Caitlyn on this thread: We’ve all seen Gameplay blow up with half a dozen threads on the front page talking about more or less the same topic. This is a chance to avoid that: if you see this megathread and want to talk about Caitlyn, post here! You’ll have a higher chance of getting feedback from others, as well as Riot’s attention. * **If you disagree, respond, don't downvote:** Tbh this should be a general rule across Gameplay, but the downvote button is not for when you disagree with someone else's opinion. If a player is legitimately being toxic and disrupting conversation, you can downvote them, and are encouraged to report them, but otherwise hold off of that button and instead try to formulate a reply that states why you disagree. * **Try to frame your feedback around these three questions (this is more of a guideline):** * **What is your criticism of the current state of Caitlyn?** * **What do you want Caitlyn’s gameplay fantasy to be?** * **What changes would you suggest to Caitlyn?** Good luck, and happy commenting! Be sure to check on this thread in the future, as we’ll be filling out the summary in this OP of this megathread’s current major talking points.

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