I don't understand the thought process that lead to these changes.

**Dark Harvest**: I understand that you wanted to make it more useful for champions outside the select few that used it before. But this is literally just "Oh, here's some free damage". It doesn't fit with any other rune. I don't get it. What's the design philosophy surrounding this decision? **Turret Plating**: Cool concept, terrible execution. Turrets seem to have LESS health than before. The plates offer little resistance and only serve to grant extra gold for pushing someone out of lane. My understanding was that it would break once, then buff the turret MASSIVELY, making it much, much harder to take down than a turret with it's plating intact after the 14 minute mark. Otherwise it just seems like another tool to end games quicker, which is super pissy. Beyond that, literally none of these preseason changes address any of the issues that have been plaguing the game for seasons. I'm sure you're all tired of hearing DAMAGE IS INSANE, but it is. It's out of control now, honestly. There's been offensive options upon offensive options upon more offensive options. Where does it end? At what point do we have enough sticks to beat each other with? Does it even matter that so many people find the game unfun? If not, what's the point? I hate the fact that I spent so much money on this game, because now I'm stuck with it. I can't quite quit, because I have this account with a ton of skins on it so I'm deeply invested. But you guys don't really deserve the money right now, tbh. I don't see Riot engage with the community like they used to, and it's gotten to the point where I wouldn't either, because we're all pissed off and we're tired of it. We're tired of asking for changes, and getting other changes that fly in the face of everything we say is wrong with the game. Tired of the instagibbing. Tired of games being decided by one single lane before the timer hits 15. Tired of champions being overtuned for several patches without the slightest HINT of any response by Riot. Tired of other champions getting nerfed when they're so useless they're basically a troll pick. It's exhausting. It's time to stop the whole "change for change's sake" shtick and start changing the game with the intent to FIX SHIT
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