Kindred Players! Regarding the mini-rework RiotRepertoir mentioned for kindred 2 months ago.

#Post #2 [here]( About 2 months ago RiotRepertoir posted **[this](**, talking about how they were thinking of doing some changes to Kindred but needed to see more enthusiasm and ideas from the kindred community before committing to the workload. Now is the perfect time to start posting our ideas and showing Riot that we want our favorite duo to feel fun to play again. Especially with the current jungle iteration and Kindred's drop in win-rate by **[4%](**. > If we felt more confident there was a specific kind of work that would be exciting to Kindred players as well as a pretty clear path forward, that would increase the likelihood we would take on the work. I'll be posting a sister post to this one later today or tomorrow with some Kindred change ideas. I'll put a link in here for anyone who wants to see it. EDIT 1: I created a survey for the balance and feel of the character to get more information on the sister post i talked about. You can find the survey [here]( EDIT 2: I have created an auto-updating spreadsheet for the survey. It can be found [here]( EDIT 3: Post #2 is up! Can be found [here](
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