Talon E needs to be nerfed

Hello. I really believe Talon's E (Assassin's Path) needs to be nerfed. This ability makes Talon very difficult to chase down and kill. It's very frustrating when you finally catch up to him, and then he just jumps over the nearest wall. The ability is on a 2 second cooldown, which is honestly pretty stupid. The "On-Target Cooldown" (the CD before Talon can jump the same wall again) doesn't mean much, because what are the chances next fight Talon will be right around those same walls or terrain again? And how would you even be able to keep track of all the walls he's jumped over already? I believe the On-Target Cooldown should just removed, and just make the ability itself have a fixed cooldown, and you can jump the same wall as many times as you like. The cooldown can be like 16 seconds or something. Basically, you should have a fair chance to counter him if you can catch up to him. Not "Oh they caught up to me? Too bad. I've got another 100 walls to jump over." Talon is already strong enough as he is, and he's got his Ultimate to escape if he wants to. Why should he be able to just go wherever he likes? Who cares if he's an assassin. That doesn't mean you should become unreachable. Please let me know what you think about Talon's E or any of his other abilities. Thanks for reading.
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