10 problematics champs that need to be looked at in 2020:

Hello everyone, i made a list of champs that i would like to be looked at because i find them problematic. Tell me if you mostly agree or disagree with what i picked. ** {{champion:23}} Tryndamere:** Tryndamere is a problem because his ultimate is game breaker. Back in season 5-6 when the damage was lower. Tryndamere ultimate was acceptable because we could avoid dying in a very small amount of time. Also, more tanks were played, and it’s prevented him from being a pure nuisance. Now, with the dmg put in the game, everything that can survive 5s and dealing big dmg is completely not healthy. But it’s not the only problem, Tryndamere ultimate is only a part. His dash needs to be looked at too. He gets cooldown reduction by making critical autos attacks. This spell is horrible because first, with the ultimate you can’t kill him, you must survive 5s and then, he can chase or escape easily since his dash don’t have a proper CD. I’m convinced that mobility spell should have decent CD and here, it’s not the case. Tryndamere E gets infinite CD reduction just by making critical autos. It’s completely stupid because it’s made him impossible to chase or impossible to go away from him. So, you have no option vs him. You can’t fight for 5s but you can’t escape too. The only option is to avoid being killed during these 5s. + he has a slow, yeah, he has a slow. Like he needs to have a slow with a 2-3s CD dash? The level 1 critical damage is also annoying, but I think the biggest problem is this dash and the ultimate. Combined, it’s leaves no counterplay to opponents. They can’t fight you, but they can’t run away from you too since you have a mobility spell with no proper CD. Tryndamere is obviously a champ that Riot need to look at because his kit is old and he is game breaker. ** {{champion:157}} Yasuo: ** Yasuo always have been a problem and if Riot created a Nobel price of the most hated champ, he would win it easily. Yasuo is a problem because of his Windwall first. This spell is gamebreaker and too strong against some matchups. It’s create a big advantage if your opponent relies on skillshoots to play. You can make your opponent useless only by putting this spell which is not really balanced. His big mobility and his permanent tornado harassing make him annoying. Also, his fanbase don’t help him, most of Yasuo players are making us dislike the champion. Everyone is sick of Yasuo players and his ban rate is way too high. Having a high ban rate means that people don’t like laning vs him or playing with him. Yasuo suffers from his popularity and his windwall which make him “cancer”. The champion isn’t OP because melee top laners can easily destroy him since his W will be useless vs them but Yasuo is pain and I think Riot needs to do something vs this suffering. Some changes would be needed to make him less annoying, but he would need to stay strong too. Ofc, we aren’t asking a pure nerf because Yasuo isn’t overpowered but more like a “balance compensation”. Nerf his windwall and his mobility and maybe add a little bit more dmg. ** {{champion:11}} Master Yi:** Maybe you will disagree with me but let me explain why I think Yi is a problematic champ and why I would like some changes on him too: Yi suffers from “funneling”. It’s a new mechanics that consist to pair some champs with another to nullify their weaknesses. Yummi Garen is a funneling. Yi Taric is a funneling. And this combo Yi Taric is not healthy at all. It’s destroys the entire counterplay you can exploit vs Yi. What are Yi weaknesses? Hard CC like all champs. Basically, hard CC and chain CC is the way you deal vs an annoying champ to stop him. With the Hard CC, you also need to burst him while he is CC and delete him before he deletes you. Ok it’s sounds fair. I have to hard CC Yi and burst him while he is CC to prevent him from deleting my team. Now, let’s see the reality, there is theory and practice. I’m going to talk only about Yi in a first time and then I will speak about his horrible funneling with Taric. You don’t always have a CC team. Ofc, you will always have people with hard CC in your team, but you can’t control your mate’s picks, unless you play a premade. Yi is a solo Q problem mostly. In Solo Q, you don’t control your mate’s champs, you don’t control your jungler and his playstyle because Yi requires to be “counterjungled” too, but this thing depend on your jungler and his pick. The first problem is here: Your compo is not always good for countering Yi. Sometimes you are disadvantaged because you have only 3-4 hard CC. So, you must think about picking something that has CC for Yi but also something who is good to lane vs your opponent. For example, your top laner needs to have a hard CC and pick a champ that is good vs his opponent, the other top laner. Basically, you lose the game before even entering in it because your compo doesn’t have enough CC against Yi. Now put a funnel on him, and there nothing you can do. And in this case, the Yi doesn’t even have to play well, he can be a pure bad player and still get kills and a good stuff because Yi isn’t complicated. Timing Q and W are the only complicated thing to do in Yi and you can master them easily. Now, let’s say you CC him in teamfight, you must also delete him while he is under CC. Sometimes it’s not that easy. Some Yi can be good players and take a {{item:3140}}, especially if you don’t have champs like Alistar or Lee sin who can push him out of the fight. + Yi won’t be alone; he has his team. With Funnel, the hard CC is useless… Taric makes Yi impossible to kill during the only lap time where you can exploit his weakness. When the CC don’t work anymore, he will attack again and destroy the entire team. How you do this? Yi press Q when Taric channels his ultimate and Yi will be invulnerable when his Q animation will be finished. His Q is annoying because first, it’s a spell that helps him to dogde some CC. Yes, all spells aren’t press and click CC like Lissandra ulti or Leona Q. Most of CC are under skillshoot form. Yi can dogde them with his Q. There is another tactic: You can wait Yi Q on you and put your CC after. But sometimes, Yi dash on you and kill you in less than 1s? His Q make a critical hit and he attacks so fast that you don’t have time to press anything. Yes, in this case he is feed but this champion has true dmg, double AA proc every 3 AA, true dmg, invulnerability to slows and very good MS/AS bonus. Don’t forget slows are part of the game. They aren’t hard CC but they are still CC. Yi makes useless an entire category of CC just by pressing one spell. Just saying… He is even immune to AS reductions spells. His ulti last almost forever if he kills one champion. He gains extreme mobility, extreme DPS and resets with his Q. Sometimes, people make me laugh when they say, “CC and delete him”. It’s not that easy, otherwise people wouldn’t complain about this champ. By the way, it’s easy to say CC and delete him because that the thing you say for every champ in the game. His AP version was horrible, I can’t say his AD version is better… Now with funnel, the counterplay is destroyed. The only way to win vs Yi Taric is to have a very good early game with a strong jungler who will delete him. And then you must finish the game as fast as possible. Let’s say 15 min, the game must be finished. Imagine if Morgana mid was a good pick (she would need some buffs), we would have Kayle top, Morg mid, and Taric support with Yi jungle. He would be unkillable, unstoppable and there nothing you could do. He would press R and destroy your entire team in a few second. Yi kit is a problem when paired with others champs like those 3. Removing the weaknesses of a champion like Yi is broken. Yi dmg is so high that you don’t have much time to stop him. You need to destroy him almost instantly to prevent him from destroying your team. If you can’t, you can’t win. His movespeed is high so you can’t escape from him… You don’t have many options vs him. Like Tryndamere, you have a champ where the counterplay is very limited. There nothing you can do vs this and it’s very frustrating. Imaging playing a game for fun and realize that you must tryhard because you see Yi in the enemy team. And don’t forget he is not alone. If we chain CC him and kill him, there are still 4 other people to kill, especially the enemy adc. Yi is annoying because you must focus him, but if you use all your CC vs him, then you have nothing against the other enemies. He is annoying because countering him is about teamplaying and it’s hard in Solo Q. We also need an aggressive jungler and a good lead on the enemy team. It’s not that easy. And with funneling, there nothing to do. You can try to escape maybe or send someone to push top lane or bot but you can’t teamfight at all which is cancer and ruin the game. There is no point of playing a game where you can’t win because someone picked a champ and paired him with another champ to remove the counterplay you could have. Sometimes, you feel like Tryndamere is needed to win vs him or Jax. Ofc, if I can survive 5s against Yi, I can have a chance to win vs him and his stupid Taric duo. But resolving Yi problem by picking Tryndamere is not balanced. That why I would like a look on Yi too. He is a problematic champ, especially in solo Q and his funneling interactions are pure cancer. ** {{champion:43}} Karma:** Karma kit has been criticized for a long time now. A lot of “fan reworks” have been made on the boards and showed us that many solutions were possible for Karma. Her current kit is problematic because the spells don’t go with each other and with Karma role. Her passive feel like it’s could be a part of the R instead of being a real passive. Her Q has all the dmg and is the only option for Karma mid. Her W healing is strange and is used mostly by Karma tank. The healing is useless on the others Karma because it’s not enough and Karma is squishy. Most of the time, you die before the second heal comes which is stupid. Also, it’s has a short range and Karma isn’t a tank. You need to put yourself endanger to place a W. Her E is a support spell and is the thing that keep Karma relevant. The spamming RE with ardent is the way you are useful with Karma. You spam shield and boost the MS/AS of your teammates. It’s a little bit boring. I think it’s time to do something on Karma. I hope 2020 will be the year of Karma and you will do something on her. You have a lot of ideas, even if all fanbases can’t be satisfied, you need do some changes. I like Karma tank, but I don’t care if you remove her tank aspect as long you make her kit more relevant or powerful. I don’t want to be a shield bot; I want to be more impactful. Why I like Karma tank? Maybe because the other options aren’t that great. If you reworked her a little bit and made her better in support, I don’t think I would complain about not playing her tank anymore. If I decide to play Karma tank, it’s because I feel like she is working more than the others. Make the others more powerful and I will change. I don’t think Karma fanbases are very separated. I think everyone want to play a champ with powers, a specific design and a worthy kit of spells. No matter if it’s Karma support, mid or tank. As long you make something. It’s time to do something, don’t tell me that you are afraid of making changes on Karma, you destroyed Aatrox and his fanbase, you can’t do worse with Karma. + with Karma, you have posts with like 300 likes on the boards. So, you know these kinds of reworks would be mostly liked compared to some rework you made to some champs. ** {{champion:350}} Yuumi:** Yummi is one of the newest champs and yet, her kit is a failure. She needs some work because in order to keep her not oppressive, you gutted her. Now she almost useless except paired with some champs. To start, you could add a CD to her attach mechanic and maybe put some power on her when she isn’t attached, it’s would be less boring to fight Yuumi and she could be more powerful but with counterplay. She needs a work because otherwise, she will become this kind of champ who falls in the dumpster. + I can’t even say you have a lot of work to do with her. Some little changes would prevent her from being a horrible non interactive champ but also add her some power and restore the balance. ** {{champion:7}} Leblanc: ** You reworked her and you canceled her rework because the result wasn’t that good. Leblanc is a problematic champ because her kit is either stupid or either useless. She falls hard in lategame because she has no good spells for pushing. I mean at some point I saw people plays her AD instead because she would be more useful. What I find shocking is the fact you want her to be an assassin, why? She could be a mage too. After all, she is kind of a magician, a manipulative woman with manipulation powers. Why she would need to be a bursty assassin? You could focus on the manipulative aspect. Her kit is bland and isn’t powerful. Her kit lacked counterplay, so you nerfed her and her numbers was the only thing she has. She can’t depush properly which is horrible and her dmg is not even good when you compare to other assassins. Since Lethality appeared, Leblanc is in trouble. Ofc, all assassins have more dmg than her. Why do you think people rush a {{item:3146}} on Leblanc when it’s wasn’t needed before? Because she needs this to have dmg, just like Akali and Katarina does. Is buffing her dmg an option? Not really because her kit is stupid… Killing people in a very short time lapse while being very safe and able to reposition is broken. Her rework had a positive aspect: She was more manipulative; she was more into her theme, but she lacked dmg and she remained squishy. I think it’s because you want to make her an assassin, but you can’t make Leblanc an assassin because an assassin shouldn’t be able to reposition himself that easy. I think you should give up on Leblanc assassin and make her a mage. Focus on her manipulative powers, add a lot of clones, tricks and I’m sure you can make her funny, enjoyable, viable and not broken. She has an interesting lore, but her kit is so boring, I think you need to look at her for sure. ** {{champion:76}} Nidalee: ** Nidalee is one of the weakest champs in the game in my opinion. Her kit is horrible, and she became useless from mid to late game. So, in order to be relevant, she must feed herself in early, but she don’t have the best early game either. So we have a champ who is useless from Mid to lategame, who needs to be feed in early and her early isn’t that great too. She is so reliant on her spear, without this, you can’t do the combo. That the only useful thing in her human form If she wants to engage someone. Jayce uses all his spells when he wants to engage someone, Nidalee only use spear and cougar form. + she is squishy and in mid/late, it’s impossible to hit spears and jump on the enemies you hit because you will die in less than 2s? Every time I had a Nidalee this year, she was useless, she was a pure completely useless champ. Now when I see a Nidalee in my team, I’m like: Oh god, no! please don’t pick this, pick Ivern at least it’s more useful. It’s horrible when your mate pick Nidalee because you know he will be useless in mid/late but it’s more horrible when your mate can’t even play her correctly and hit a single spear. If only you knew the number of Nidalee who was useless from early! I mean not even mid/late game, they were useless from the early and we had to play 4vs5 from the start. I know you may love Nidalee but god, when I see someone playing her, I want to cry. Why they are always useless with her? I think her kit is too much based on numbers. She doesn’t have a real utility; she falls too hard and she is unreliable. Yes, she can be pain when mastered but it’s the same thing for all champions. When they are mastered, they are strong. But god, when I see my mates playing Nida, I’m like “you choose Nida over Lee sin, Kha’zix, J4, Vi, Evelyn, Master Yi and even Ivern?”. Because let’s be real, I saw more Ivern with a decent playing and decent utility. Ivern isn’t that bad. But Nida, god, oh my god she is horrible. Seeing your mate playing her and dying at blue or trying to gank lanes while failing all his spears is horrible. Nidalee is a burden for her team. When you pick a Nidalee, it’s a little bit like playing Yasuo. You know the guy is going to feed and be useless with his champ. Except Yasuo can still be a lategame treat and he is annoying. Nidalee is a free kill and I never have seen a more useless champ in my entire life when the player doesn’t play her correctly. You feel like you play in 4vs5. If I had the choice between having a Nidalee jungle or a Yasuo mid, I would still pick the Yasuo mid because at least, I can always pray for a good tornado ulti. I think you need to make Nidalee more relevant because she is weak but weak and there is no interest in picking her over other junglers. **{{champion:84}} Akali:** She has been a problem since her rework. You constantly nerf her and she is still a problem. She must be on your check list for 2020. **{{champion:72}} Skarner: ** He needs his rework. Ofc these is a lot of champions that are still waiting but I think some love for our scorpion could be good. ** {{champion:13}} Ryze:** The last but not the least, Ryze has been a problem for years. Even with many reworks every year, he is still overpowered or underperforming depending on the rework. Ryze is a balancing nightmare and maybe you should forget about balancing him on mana. Maybe the final rework of Ryze will be on 2020. BIG EDIT : I've seen all your comments and so i'm making a sump up : You mostly agree with {{champion:23}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:72}} on the list. Most of you asked me why i put {{champion:43}} {{champion:350}} on the list. Yes they are performing good but it's doesn"t mean their kit is interesting or something. Karma kit is actually bland and she is a "spam shield". Yuumi lack of interactions with the enemies, she is mostly an "item". You agree partially for {{champion:11}}, some of you aren't against some changes. You seem to not agree with {{champion:157}} on the list. You said mostly that he was annoying but not that problematic. You disagree with {{champion:76}} because she is viable but very hard to play, so it's why people are mostly useless with her. I think i can understand your point. And you want to add some champs to the list, some of you proposed : {{champion:2}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:26}}
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