Ranked Bans PLEASE

A lot of people complain about the low quality of ranked games and most blame it on match making. But really think about it. What is riot supposed to do? These bad players are inting your gold games so they put them in silver games. Now they just int silver games. The fundamental problem is that ANY player can que up for a ranked game and riot will let them. I suggest that riot add's bans to JUST RANKED, if you get reported and validly found to be inting. It isnt that hard to automate a system that determines if someone is inting. Just take into account kill participation, relative farm to game average based on time, role, and champ ( they already have this data ), time in lane, objectives taken / damage to objectives, damage done, etc. If they get reported for inting by x or more people and they are deemed to be inting by the above system, just don't let them play ranked for x amount of time. Don't do any of that remove their honor BS, just don't let them play ranked. TBH even if it was just a 6 hour ranked ban it would greatly increase the quality of ranked games, but I suggest a ban going from 1 day to 3 days decaying back down to 1 day after two weeks. Also remove autofill, I rather wait an hour for a good quality ranked game where everyone try's to win and is playing positions they enjoy, than someone spamming ff 15 because they got autofilled adc or support and got smashed in lane. Which I do sympathize with, because I do that exact thing, because lets be honest the game isnt winnable if your bot hard loses, unless top mid and jungle hard win, which rarely happens. And there's no way autofill would work with the above system. This gears the main reason people report to gameplay offensives like how it should be, instead of chat offenses which really doesn't make any sense to be the primary report reason. I can mute someone who's flaming and play the game out normally, I can't mute someone who's soft inting and forcing our team to be unable to win. A lot of the time two people just flame each other trying to bait one another into saying a trigger word so they can report the other person and get them chat restricted. That kind of stuff solves nothing and should not be happening. It actually does the exact opposite and creates a never ending cycle of toxicity. The way I see it these changes would absolutely change ranked and the game for the better in every possible way. I am still open to other suggestions, and criticism of my ideas.
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