Now that Yuumi has been released, can Riot please put a VETERAN designer on the next support champ?

I thought Yuumi was a terrible champion on paper, but she's actually even worse in game, and I am at a total loss on how a champ like this could be improved without breaking her. Her simplistic kit not only makes her feel like the vanilla latte of support champions (which nobody was asking for), but it also means that she has about the same balance flexibility as Garen. She's basically just a bag of bonus stats with a gimmicky skillshot, and an ultimate that's almost impossible to miss with. Point and click shields are some of the most dated, and least interactive abilities in this game, and because of that, the Enchanter class desperately needs more skill tests added to it, before we accidentally fall into another Ardent Censer meta. Year after year, I see so many overloaded kits coming out for every class except Enchanters, and now we get Yuumi - the champion that makes me feel like I got served a hamburger while seated in a Mexican restaurant. Can Riot please just start putting serious resources into modernizing Enchanter kits and giving them some interesting skill tests?
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