How to fix a decent part of the game right now. (IRE and YI)

Ire herself is already a strong champion, but before nerfing her what is really making her op right now is conqueror keystone. The ability to start stacking it on minions and punish enemy champions with it consistently throughout the laning phase. combined with her quick & constant skirmishes, not just constantly, but to come out on top because of her kit at a quick rates and succession, makes her too much to deal with. --the fix for this can be to only allow conqueror to stack on champions, forcing champions to trade to get its use, but also giving the effect(at max stacks) a fair limited duration but a 2 second cooldown in-between where no stacking occurs. Yi's already a very strong hero, with conqueror he has been seen top lately because it makes him a better skirmisher. But the problem isn't conqueror when it comes yo yi. Its yi himself. With the current items in the game yi simply just dishes out tooo much too fast, and and top of that can mitigate oncoming massive damage with his W+heal. He can also can mitigate damage by using alpha at a good time. But before you nerf the items its still not the items. Its Yi himself. keep the items because they make the game interesting. But nerf yi as follows. Instead of 1 crit lowering his q cooldown by 1, make it 3 crits lowers his cooldown by 1 on q. Or his q passive could use an extra auto or two delay before proccing. I feel like the fairest one is making his q cooldown go down by 1 on 3 crits instead of 1; leaving his early jungler clear in good shape but giving his enemies some wiggle room by not getting alpha'd every 1.5 seconds.(with about 7attacks inbetween those alpha's) ~~wonders how quickly the alpha actually resets and how many autos(including the passive auto) go inbetween the alphas~~ No but legit nerf yi, he is currently better than season 2 yi and half as good as old ap yi(or 1/3)
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