Lane rank is one of those things that sounds nice in theory

But in practice will never work as intended because it is easily abused since people want to win. The only way Riot can even try to make it work is a threat of punishment for swapping lanes and the punishment is to effectively remove lane ranks which in turn is pushing people back to how it was last season. And reminder that lane swapping has been sometimes a way to get an advantage for your team. Mid gets countered and top gets countered but mid is about even with the enemy top and top is favorable against enemy mid? Swap lanes to give yourself the best chance of winning. But now you can get punished for doing that. You get punished for trying to maximize your chances of winning. I would rather have longer games back than have to spend more time playing more games due to different ranks for different positions. At least with auto fill last season your goal was still the same goal and your reward or punishment to your main goal which is likely now just one or 2 positions was not diminished when getting auto filled meaning that even though you were in a less desired situation you would still want to win.
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