Mastery Token System

About the Mastery Token System or MTS, it seems to calculate a players rank at end of game from D-S based on how well others have done with that champ in that role. Now when it is doing the comparison it compares EVERYBODY from EVERY RANK. To me that seems a little unfair. I would like to suggest a new way for the system to evaluate and calculate players and how well they did. Let's say that a player who is ranked in Silver was playing an ADC and did well in their game when compared to their general Elo range, but failed to meet the current systems requirements since people out of their Elo range are included right? What if a new equation was made for the MTS that chose if you got an S or not where say you are Silver and instead of comparing you to EVERY OTHER PLAYER it took statistics from just the tier above and below you and averaged those statistics out it would still be challenging, but it would be more viable. So Silver players would be compared on an average that was consisting of other players playing said Champion in said Role from Bronze Tier Silver Tier and Gold Tier. It would be more of a fair fight for tokens, and stay challenging though not feeling impossible. Right now I know many friends who will take their favorite champions whom they KNOW they are good with into unethical roles because it is easier to get the tokens with say {{champion:45}} support than in mid. But doing this devalues the tokens all together in my opinions. Why not make it more fun to get the tokens by allowing it to be achievable in the proper role? Right now it seems like you have to play the equivalent of a Platinum rank or better against a Bronze in order to even earn one token. If people are going to gripe about it being easier for lower tier players getting Mastery Tokens then why not also incorporate a Ranked Border on the Mastery Symbol as well. That way it will display a Silver Mastery 7 symbol that looks slightly different from a Gold or Platinum Mastery 7 on a champion. Just like Ranked Borders normally. Again this is just one suggestion as to a change that could be attempted to improve the Mastery System as to make it more viable and to feel for fair. This system if incorporated would make it to where Gold players are compared to Silver-Platinum and Platinum players and compared from Gold-Diamond. This would make it to where Bronze players are not incorporated in higher Elo calculations which still presents a challenge but makes it to where the average is not brought so low for higher Elo players by Bronze. I understand right now there is one MAJOR flaw to this idea. It would require you to be ranked in order to be able to calculate one tier above and below your ranking tier. I am just suggesting this as a possible way to make it more fair. For those who do not wish to play ranked there could be a separate section made to compare all unranked players. The system suggested follows the ranked matchmaking limitations that keeps you from q'ing with players more than one tier above of below you. TL;DR You should really read the whole thing to fully understand.
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