brain storming for Hunters potion

I wanted to hear everyone else to help brain storm with me, here my main goal for this item 1. Increase the sustain of the Hunter's Potion without making this too powerful against enemy champions (to make sure the corruption potion is stronger in trading and long term fighting while hunter's potion should focus more about farming your jungle camps) 2. increase the cost and sell back value, I want this to be shown to have it time take to get this item slightly longer, meaning a camp or two will help balance it out a bit more, this will provide a weakness point into the game. My Ideas? i have an ideas that can work, even though they might have problems to it, it is good to look at it from a different perspective. **Idea 1** Hunter's Potion cost increase to 500g Sell back Value increase to 300g charge value : Same ~~Old Effect: gain a charge for when you kill a Large Monster~~ New Effect: When you kill a Large Monster or Epic Monster, you gain 100 - 350 Hp over 3 seconds, after 3 seconds you gain one additional charge Removed: no longer gives mana (testing if that a good idea, No one needs the mana thanks to Hunter's talisman giving me so much mana)

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