Current state of Garen

Presses Q auto attacks you, silences you and proceeds to press E for the spin and there goes half your health. If you stay to fight him during his E you just lost lane, if you run to avoid all his E damage and go in to attack him while his abilities are on CD he still wins because of passive regen and grasp rune. Also worth mentioning how he is able to out damage you while building nothing but defensive items like armor and health, he might be open to ganks unless you or your jungler don't have a stun because he is able to eliminate slows with hes Q all while getting a speed boost himself AND if he gets stunned he can press W at the right time to negate lots of damage. There is no way to beat a garen 1v1 with a melee champion your only hope is to get a gank to hope to kill him, he doesn't fall of late game either in fact he is even stronger late game once he builds all his defensive items + a black cleaver and executes low HP targets.
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