can we um. revert the whole Steraks maw same passive thingy?

if you don't remember. over a year ago maw and steraks had different passives. they could stack. and it was too strong because {{champion:104}} {{champion:203}} and other ranged champions built it and they were too tanky while not losing much damage. it made it near impossible for ap mages to kill them. now that steraks is a melee only item and really its only built on juggernauts and tanky fighters. I really see no reason to have this to exist. both items provide different niches. steraks shield is way smaller than it used to be on bruisers and anyone that isn't a tank (tanks don't build it. they build gargoyles). and they also need to build MR. but they shouldn't be forced to go a tank MR item. let them just build maw as well. maw shield is also weaker than it was back then too so we just have a weaker steraks and maw shields for melees.
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