Patch 8.11 will be the end of tanks.

I get that we had a tank meta a few months ago, but it looks like tanks will be dead in 8.11. There is already a ton of true damage in the game with the latest champion designs. Now there is conqueror which does a lot of true damage. With the new {{item:3031}}, a triple crit adc will deal 27% more dps to a tank with 200 armour and 45% more dps to a tank with 300 armour. Assassins will start building last whisper upgrades again now its total armour pen and can deal more damage against tanks. This will get to the point where tanks will only be able to use 1 rotation. I get that tanks must eventually die, but what's the point of playing one if you straight up get bursted every fight? By the way adcs had no problem killing tanks once they got 3 crit items. Math: 200 armour: Old IE: DPS = (1+0.8*1.5)*100/(100+200)*AD = 0.733AD New IE: DPS = 0.4AD+1.6*100/(100+200) = 0.933AD % increase = 27% 300 armour: Old IE: DPS = (1+0.8*1.5)*100/(100+300)*AD = 0.550AD New IE: DPS = 0.4AD+1.6*100/(100+300) = 0.800AD % increase = 45%
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