played less than 10 zyra games, already found 4 bugs

sivirs w bounces off of plants but doesnt damage them. plants can trigger nidalees w (and prob other traps) without losing hp from it q plants cant attack zac passive, but e plants can zyras plants have no stats besides "0.80" attackspeed. and when ulted, the stats stay this way. even tho the ult makes them attack FASTER! let me just quote riotaugust or whatever his name is "how isnt this stuff fixed yet, wtf are we doing? if this still isnt fixed, the champ should be disabled". i wonder if the bugfix team has like a schedule like "for this week we try to fix this list of bugs" and at the end of the week they are like "maybe we should start to work instead of watching netflix" this is the only way i can explain this to myself. especially the sivir w one must be COMMON cause zyra and sivir are usually played a lot.
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