Meanwhile in Top Lane?

As a person that mostly plays tanks and bruisers (mele champs in general) i noticed there are so many viable ranged champions that can be played top Gnar,Kennen,Vladimir,Swain and so many more. Maybe not all of them are OP but they are extremely hard to deal with as a mele champ. Imagine Darius against one of those , or for example against Kayle (now gets ranged AA at lv 6 ). She beats u early bcs of the range and in late game she becomes a monster and beats ur entire team. Only thing u can actually do is giving up on farm and hopeing ur jg will gank cuz if not ur lane is ruined Any other strategy? EDIT: Ik there are champs like renekton that have a good engage against ranged champs but lets not forget u might get first or second pick in champ select so u dont know if the enemy top will be ranged
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