i'm kinda sick of how hard this community hates on the champs that take passion to master and play

It seems like everyone wants to rip on a certain type of champions, high skill CAP micro based champions who with mastery are difficult to fight against. These champions I generally like to think of as Brawlers since most of them are in the fighter or assassin class though some exceptions exist. I used this list in a previous post and I think it gives a decent idea of the type of champion i'm talking about:Partial and very incomplete list {{champion:268}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:238}} look, these champions sometimes take a combination of hours of practice and loads of actual calm calculation just to be able to get a single kill with. They offer a lot of interesting and unique playstyles, they are reliable in most metas, and through mastery they offer some of the most satisfying and well deserved wins. First off, mastery of these champions DOES mean you've mastered a part of the game, Them having a higher winrate then a champion like {{champion:86}} {{champion:54}} after hundreds of games one tricking is not indicative of being overpowered. Most one tricks of these champions are focused on Micro intensive dueling and picks, it's what we do. We learn how to fight you, we take the time to master a part of the game, and we use that knowledge to win matches. Many of us aren't even that great at macro for our tier. You say the champions are overpowered but then you don't stop to ask "Did these guys win this match by maintaining a level of skill they can only express on a class of champion?" or how about " Did they put in an assload of effort to do that 1v5?" And finally "did they legitimately play well enough at the ONE THING THEY'RE DOING to deserve it." People say 'this isn't call of duty' they say it's a team game. Whats non-participatory about mastering a niche in the game and performing that niche as hard as you can to better allow your team to function by having more map awareness, more gold, and more experience because you took that 1v3 and made it last for 2 solid minutes. a guy with iron or bronze map awareness can pull off plat level plays and manuevers in combat and land in silver or gold. that pattern keeps going up, even at the highest levels of play there are people who are better at macro then others, and there are people who are better at those lit zed plays, or the yasuo plays, or the riven plays. They've honed their champion pool to a certain level and know what you're going to throw at them. Just as it's okay for {{champion:86}} to be considered weak for years in high MMR for being a champion for beginners, I think it's fine for {{champion:92}} and over two dozen other champions to have higher viability at higher elos because otherwise the expression of a very important skill in the game would otherwise be capped. Macro expression isn't capped, micro very much is in some metas. Look i'm not putting anyone down if they're kicking ass on nautilus and doing what 90% of players are doing in team fights, which is a specific team role. I'm actively trying to show you that we have a place alongside you. You do the team fights, you guard two of the carries, you show the majority of force. But what i'm saying is that if we can't do these flashy things on champs like {{champion:39}} then the purpose and identity of our champs is completely nullified. There have been a few metas in the past which removed these champions, metas in which mega tanks are important, shut down many of them. There is no harder counter to almost every single one of these champiosn then {{champion:57}} This guy is a massive pain in the ass and he has 2 point and click cc abilities as well as a screen wide snare and effectively infinite HP in a duel when his class gets buffed just a little too much. That's the thing, There is an issue on the rift with finding balance. But I think that among these champions there is a solution. They all share one thing: Options. a lee sin or fiora mirror match could end up with one guy getting two kills, but then after he buys the other guy just flat outskills him. It feels really good on miss fortune to perfectly kite an opponent from mid lane all the way down the river to bot lane, that feels good. Your entire power budget for your class is in ranged attacks. by comparison if two lucians mirror match and one guy just gets the first kill, that one longsword of a difference will practically guarantee him the rest of the game assuming they farm the same. that's not to say that these players don't know their roles well, their itemization, their positioning, who to focus in a team fight, what to do with what buffs, kiting to some insane level, etc etc, it just means that they are more stat dependent and have a better time in certain roles than other champions. you know what a lucian can do that a riven can't in a tank meta? Kill maokai. And you mages? oh man... Look I know that we're the bane of your existence... but if it's any consolation.. I think it's because your itemization pool is so linear right now. AP items are supposed to be super interesting.. but honestly the AD pool is generally better on passives and the tank pool is better on actives. of the cool AP actives, 3 share the same timer{{item:3030}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3152}} , one is required {{item:3157}} and the other one takes like 6 years to unlock {{item:3040}}. I get it. sorry. but don't blame another class for needing itemization buffs, Itemization could solve it pretty decently. TL:DR mechanical champs are balls to the wall awesome so plz stop hating us
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